Monday, 31 October 2011

Countdown Word Challenge Number 8

                                              Quickstepping .

Well, dear readers , I think it's about time you all learned a little about me . I have been hiding behind the childhood photo on my profile for far too long . And so I thought I would tell you something about my teenage years .
Long before I was a dog groomer my first love was dancing . I trained from an early age , first in ballet and tap and then , when it became obvious that I would never be a Margot Fonteyn , I began ballroom dancing .
I loved to dance and soon became very proficient  in this dicipline . My teacher was amazed by my progress and by the time I was 17 my partner Freddie and I were winning competitions the length and breadth of the country. We  Tangoed and  Cha-cha'd and  Quickstepped our way to the top of the amateur world and won all the contests we possibly could . We needed another target . Freddie said that we should turn professional and , with help from our dear old dancing instructor we were soon booked to give demonstrations on a cruise ship .
We were so excited , we packed our costumes and shoes and headed for Southampton , with visions of fame and fortune . When we arrived at the docks , the ship looked huge and we were a little afraid , but we went aboard like lambs to the slaughter .
There was another professional couple on the bill . They were older and more experienced and were not happy to see Freddie and I . They thought we were silly little no-talent upstarts and resented our youth . The situation became even worse when the passengers aboard the ship obviously liked our fresh, energetic style .
In particular the passengers loved our  Paso Doble and would clap along in time to the stirring Spanish music as we performed .
This was the final straw for  Arthur and  Jean , the older couple . Arthur would stand on the sidelines and taunt and curse us and  Jean would give one of her pouts .  They encouraged their homies to join in the teasing and Freddie became very angry because he knew how much it upset me .
It all came to a head one night when we were doing a joint demonstration . We were in the middle of a Tango when  Arthur and  Jean danced dangerously near and  made a disgustingly suggestive comment . Well , Freddie went beserk and spun me round , plonked me onto a chair , punched  Arthur in the face and hurled  Jean to the floor . Of course chaos followed . Plates were broken , crystal glasses were smashed , the whole  audience joined in and somehow in the melee I twisted my knee rather badly .
We were asked to leave the ship at the very next port and sadly the knee injury meant that I haven't danced professionally since .


The above piece of fiction was brought to you by way of my attempt at   Matt Mascarenhas' Word Game and the words ;


If you would like to try the Game details and rules can be found on Matts blog page     I hope you will try it .


  1. Fantastic! I almost believed it was autobiographical! I was so intent upon reading it that I scarcely noticed if you'd used the required words or not! Clever! Well done @Tearose68 another wonderful word game entry!

  2. Oh, you beauty! Gorgeous story, and incorporated the words smoothly and beautifully. Wish I could do something to soothe your poor knee.

  3. Haha. Glad you liked it , guys. The knee is fine , thanks Miblo. Although I will bear you in mind should it need further treatment ! Lol.

  4. Excellent - a very plausible tale