Saturday, 15 October 2011

Dreams part Two ... " Perchance to Dream "

After my previous blog entry about dreams I have had a few requests to write more on the subject . I am certainly not an expert and all my musings are just that , speculative thoughts and questions about a fascinating subject .
Just recently I have had some very strange experiences that I can hardly believe are real dreams .
I am in the habit of dreaming about things I know , things I have experienced or at least with which I have some familiarity , even if these dreams  do take place in some weird location . As I said before , I do find myself in places that  seem familiar with a feeling of  'deja vu' . However the people that appear in my dreams are usually characters from my real life , people who I have actually met at some time ,possibly in my childhood . Naturally I also dream occasionally of some celebrity who has perhaps recently appeared on my TV screen or in some magazine . I have no control over this , they pop up at random and disappear just as quickly . Unfortunately I don't dream of Johnny Depp nearly as often as I would  like !! But I am almost always aware that this is only a dream and I am most definitely always asleep .
Recently , however , I have found myself awake and restless ... my insomnia is always there , ready to strike . So, yes , awake, but in a dreamlike state . This is the time that I find I am visited by what I can only say is a  'spirit' . It is a real person , but someone I have never met . I can feel their presence and even feel the touch of their hand on my skin . I half expect to look down at my arm and see the imprint of their fingers , the touch is so firm . I feel their breath on my cheek and hear their words in my head . Then suddenly there is a sound from outside , or a creak of a floorboard and they are gone . I sit up and get out of bed and everything is normal .
Now , dear reader , am I awake or am I dreaming that I am awake ?  I don't know , all I know is that I am totally aware of my surroundings the whole time , I can hear the clock ticking , can hear the sound of my husband breathing next to me , can feel the breeze blowing softly through the open window .
I have some idea of the identity of the  'spirit' , some idea of what is going on but I 'm keeping that information to myself . You would all think it was ridiculous and anyway , I would like you to come to your own conclusions .
I have always been a bit of a  'witch' - a bit  'fey' so ... maybe it is not a dream at all  ....................

......................... to be continued .


  1. Well! Fuck Me! That was a hair-raising blog! :O Spooky shit dude!! :O
    I have a scientific theory about this strange *awake* phenomenon, my sister Susan suffers from it, if she lays in bed later than she should, i.e. when she's not *really* asleep. Can't remember what it's called, and daren't deviate from this comment in case I have to start all over again! Either that or it's Gill!! Can't wait for the next instalment!! x x x x x x

  2. I think you're predicting the future, Rosalie. #thatisall

    P.S. I wonder if Lucy's thinking of lucid dreaming.