Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Countdown Word Challenge Number 7.

Hello dear readers and thank you for joining me for another word game . This is the invention of the marvellous Matt Mascarenhas and details can be found on his blog page http://miblodelcarpio.blog.co.uk/
I'm sure you all know the rules by now so without further ado lets look at the words for todays game ;


Well I don't know if I was distracted or something . Maybe I was just very tired ,  but I just didn't  'feel' these  words at all . Usually one or two in the list  seem to jump out at me and I write the story around them . Today the only word that shone was  'plaid'  and to a quirky fashion lover such as myself , that meant only one thing ...... Alexander Mc Queen !!  Well, easy enough to write a story about fashion  but the other words just didn't seem to fit . So I had to come up with something else ! Here is my meagre attempt , it more or less wrote itself .

                                                                   Loves Labours

The kitchen lights suddenly failed and Maria groped about in the gloom , searching for the candles . Oh, on top of everything else , all she needed was a blooming power outage . She was already in enough trouble , this was supposed to be a special night .
" Quails and grapes in special sauce never fails to win a mans heart " , she thought to herself , as she lit the candles and placed them round the room .  But her special sauce would never work if a vital ingredient was missing !
Just then the lights flickered and she sighed  impatiently and rushed to stir the simmering liquid on the stove .
She had thought that she had remembered everything on her list , but had been distracted by a window display in an expensive store . Alexander McQueen  plaid leotards teamed with purple tulle skirts ! Wow!!
She knew she would look fantastic in one of those . Oh , yes , she couldn't wait to show her sister  Elena , they could both dress up . It would be so much better than their usual outfits .  She glanced down at the long black dress that covered her body , it seemed to sparkle slightly in the candlelight . Oh, she was so bored with it  !!
However , Elena had not been so enthusiastic . She had admonished her and said it was not the image they were aiming for and the glossy carrier bag had been flung into a cupboard .  Maria had sighed and then they had started  the preparations for tonights meal .
They had weighed out all the ingredients and looked in  Elenas large recipe book to check they had everything in the correct dosages and thats when the discrepancy was noticed . They just did not have the most important ingredient !!
Elena had forgotten her manners completely and in an angry riposte had said that  Maria couldn't be trusted to do anything correctly and that next time  Maria wanted any help with a meal or needed to borrow a large pot she would have to go to someone else as  Elena would not be the loaner anymore .
Maria had sobbed pitifully and said she was sorry . Elena gave her a hankie and told her to dry her eyes and stir the pot and then  she had grabbed her wrap and flown off into the night to obtain the missing item .
An hour had passed and Maria kept her eyes trained on the door , stirred the huge pot and hoped  Elena would be back before  HE arrived . The table was all laid , the fire was burning brightly and the air was filled with the most delicious aromas , tonight was the night .
Oh, where on earth had  Elena got to ? He would soon be here .
Suddenly , there was a swirl of wind outside , the door blew open and in flew  Elena in a flurry of long wild hair , billowing cloak and  Autumn leaves .  She placed her broomstick in the corner and passed a package to Maria ,
" Goodness " ,  she said , breathlessly , " I've had the devil of a time getting this  'ear of squirrel' ...... they've all blooming well hibernated  !! Now hurry up with that  ' Love Potion ' , He's almost here . I've just flown over him on the  forest road  ! "

So there we have it . I feel certain that every one of you can do so much better . Why don't you give it a go ?


  1. Haha! You are too beautiful, Rosie. The witch returneth! I love love love it.

  2. Haha how deliciously unexpected! A witch to delight the creator of this lovely little game! I think it's perfect!