Wednesday, 12 October 2011

PEDIGREE ADOPTION DRIVE ..... 17th - 21st October 2011

I know many of my readers are dog owners and even if you don't actually own a dog at present I'm sure you are all animal lovers . I believe the measure of a man or woman is  judged by how they  treat animals .
So I  want you all ,  just for a moment , to try and imagine how it feels to be an abandoned dog . It could be that you have been left alone in a house or flat , all alone , not realising that your owner has left and will never return . Becoming frantic with worry and hunger , throat dry with thirst . Scratching at the door , whining, barking , trying to get attention . Becoming weaker , giving up hope .
It could be that you have been taken by the owner you loved and dumped , your lead tied to a lamp-post or tree . There you wait for his return , shivering and frightened as the dark begins to engulf you and you start to realise that he is never coming back .
It could be that you have been thrown from a speeding car , your poor thin body bouncing off the tarmac , maybe into the path of another car . If you are lucky you manage to haul yourself into the gutter and lie there , broken and terrified and alone .

The above scenarios are unfortunately very common . Every day these things , and worse, happen to dogs across the country . Rescue centres do their best but space is short and they do not have deep pockets. Inevitably , many dogs have to take the   "Last Walk" to be put to sleep.

The PEDIGREE ADOPTION DRIVE is committed to helping the centres provide a safe haven for abandoned dogs  , with veterinary facilities and essential equipment .

For a week beginning Monday 17th October , I will be hosting a virtual kennel on this page . You will be able to visit this kennel and take  RIPLEY the campaign dog , for a virtual walk .  Every completed walk will unlock £1 donation from Pedigree until they hit their target of  £100,000

So , how easy it is to make a difference , how easy to help an unfortunate dog . I do hope you will all find time to visit  RIPLEY sometime next week . She will be waiting for you

Thank you for taking the time to read this , I do appreciate it .

Next week I will be telling you the story of an abandoned dog  and asking you to choose from two possible endings .  Lets hope we can make some  real life  "happy endings "  too .

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  1. Fantastic! A clear & informative way to kick of our #PAD2011 campaign! Excellent work! xxxxx