Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 5

Today is my Wedding Anniversary .  My husband and I met in  April 1968 and were married 7 months later . Everyone was surprised and , almost to a man , said ,
" It will never last !!" , or words to that effect . I realise we were very young .  My parents were probably the most amazed , they had always thought that I would never marry , I was far too feisty and independant  And so it is a testament to my husband , a very special man , for having patience and kindness . For indulging my fantasies , crazy plans and keeping my feet on the ground .
Together , we have shared triumph and disaster and all manner of emotions in between . We laugh every day , usually at my silliness. Who else but he would endure my dreadful singing , my noisy tap dancing on tiled floors , my penchant for dreadful jokes and all the various animals that I have brought into the house ?
During his working life he was often away from home , doing a difficult and dangerous job in a hostile environment , but he never complained , he wanted to give his family everything he possibly could .
And so today my main reason to be cheerful is my dear husband .

Other things that have made me glad this week are ;

                                                  Fresh mangoes ,
                                                  Twitter friends ,
                                                  Dark nights ,
                                                 "The Great Gatsby "
                                                  Family ,
                                                  The last Summer flowers .

I hope you are enjoying this occasional series of blog posts . We all have reasons to be cheerful and I know some of you now make your own lists . Lists do not always have to be written down . Sometimes we carry a special thing deep in our heart , something we can always take out , look at and then return back to its place . Unseen , but always there . If you have something special , something that makes you happy , cherish it . I hope you all have a wonderful , happy day .


  1. That's such a lovely blog, and makes me think twice about moaning about silly little things like having no functioning BlackBerry ;)
    Congratulations to you both, with love and best wishes from Lucy and Bobby Greenfield x x x x x x x

  2. Congratulations to you both, hope enjoy the rest of your evening xx Lovely post too, didn't make me cry, ha ha xx