Monday, 3 October 2011

Countdown Word Challenge Number 4

Well, here we go folks , the now customary Word game invented by  Matt Mascarenhas . The object of the game is to make a story using all the words from todays Countdown TV programme  . Details and rules can be found on Matt's blog on
Well today the words were very unusual and seemed to be trying to steer me in a certain direction , or maybe thats just me . However , I think I managed to avoid the trap !

Todays words are :

                                                  "  Beaulah , peel me a grape !"
" Have you got mah shawl , Beaulah ? "
The old lady picked up the silken fringed object and placed it round the shoulders of the elaborately coiffured woman .
"Gee now , honey , where were we ? "
The journalist flicked through his notepad , but before he had chance to reply,
" Oh yeah , Ah know ! Ah was telling you all about those gals . Well , witches they were ! Ah mean the studios were just like covens when those bitches were on set !............ Beaulah , bring me mah iced tea , will ya honey ? "
Beaulah lumbered over and placed the glass of liquid on the dressing table , amongst all the potions and lotions , powder and paint and all the other detritus  littering the surface .

" Go on , Miss  Moronso , please " , said the journalist  " The readers of  'Film Life'  will  be so interested in your story "
Miss  Moronso adjusted her ample bosom ,  glanced at her red finger nails , crossed her large thighs  and leaned forward ,
" Well , sugar-pie , Cecil ...... he let me call him that , ya know , but just me , He was Mr De Mille to everyone else !!  He kept himself apart from the cast , kept the upper hand , he wouldnt join in with any of the banter on set. Ah remember , even when we were filming that sledging scene ! Ya know the little continuity girl had all these potages lined up , ready for the  Winter picnic scene . Well the sledge came whizzing down , went clean through the table and exited stage left !!  Well ya shoulda seen their faces . Ah mean  Glorias little dog just started to lick it all up . He licked everything , floor , table legs , 'best boys 'jacket , everything !  Yeah , a right little licker he was , scruffy little mutt .  Now , where was I ? ..... Beaulah , is mah costume ready ?"

" Overture and beginners " came the call from the corridor outside .

The journalist shifted in his chair and tried to  regain  the ageing film stars attention .
" Miss Moronso , can you tell our readers how you came to be appearing here tonight ? "
" Oh sure honey ,  Beaulah , bring me ma shoes will ya ?  Now then ,  well ya know , Ah git so many letters and scripts   through mah door . Everyone wants  me to return to the silver screen , but Ah wanted to do theatre , Shakespeare , its in mah blood  !  Ya know , dear Arthur wanted to write a film part just for me , but Ah was filming with Minnelli at the time so Marilyn did it .  Of couse he made her character randier , Ah dont like that , its not nice .   Anyways , there Ah was in mah lil' house in Georgia ,  thinking the world had forgotten about lil ole me and mah agent rings up ,  Ah thought he was dead !   Well he rings up and says   ' Lila , honey , ya got an offer from London !'   Well , Ah was here like a shot .... Ah mean , the West End !!! "
" Well almost ,  Miss Moronso . Almost ! "

The door opened and the stage manager said ,
" Thats it  Miss  Moronso , Ugly Sisters are on in two minutes , are you ready ? "



  1. Oh, yes! yes! yes! Gorgeously done, Rosalie! Crazy characterisation, and you got those words in so smoothly that I didn't even realise they were there! The gauntlet is well and truly thrown down.

  2. *claps wildly* I bow to your vast superiority! Marvellous piece of writing! Why Ah just adore ya writin' Miss Tearose deeyah! x x x x x x x x