Tuesday, 18 October 2011

PEDIGREE ADOPTION DRIVE ..... 17th - 21st October 2011

My best friend Lucy Greenfield and I have both decided to write dog related posts  throughout this week in an effort to persuade you to keep visiting our pages and take Ripley for walks .
You can read Lucys wonderful blog on http://lucymargaretjane.blogspot.com/ . She is the statistic expert , she will zap you with facts and figures and marvellous links to inspiring videos . She has a much more logical brain and I am in awe of her grasp of the whole IT world . I can just about manage to turn on this laptop . So while Lucy dazzles you with her marvellous blog I will unashamedly use a bit of emotional blackmail !

                                                         Dogs Save Lives

Dogs save lives and sanity everyday . Search and Rescue dogs help find victims of earthquakes and people lost on mountains . They sniff out explosives , saving soldiers from certain death . They detect cancer and sense when their owners are going to have a fit . They guide sight impaired people across busy roads and through crowded streets. They alert their hearing impaired owners when the telephone rings or a visitor knocks on the door . They even help load washing machines and fetch various items for their disabled owners .
These are the celebrated , well known , life savers . The wonderful well trained dogs , doing an important job , tirelessly and without question .
However, there are thousands of unsung heroes . Dogs who save lives and sanity every day by just  'being there' . The little dog that comforts the ill , that just sits quietly while his owner recovers from chemotherapy or some dreadful illness or operation . Snuggles and offers a soft head to stroke , an understanding nuzzle of his wet nose , silent comforting companionship .
Some dogs are the only other living thing their owner will see today ! Many older people are isolated and infirm , too frail to venture outside and sometimes too afraid . their dogs are a  " hairy heartbeat at their feet " .  They talk to their dogs and the dogs listen , head on one side , ears cocked , tails wagging . They give their owners a reason to live

One such dog saved my life too . Or , if not my life, my sanity.
In the early 80s  I had been very ill . No need to go into details here , suffice to say  it was extremely serious and I began to feel very sorry for myself . Its hard to always be positive and though I tried to stay cheerful the  'mean reds ' began to take hold .
My husband decided that I needed something new to occupy my mind and so he hatched a cunning plan .
I had always had dogs in my life  but never one of my own . He knew I had a longing for a Maltese , the glorious little , white , long haired dogs . So he tracked down a breeder and Tiffany came into my life on the understanding that I would be solely responsible for her care. And she saved me .

Tiffany at 12 weeks

Finally I had something that relied on me alone , a little white scrap who looked to me for food , exercise and love  . I had to haul myself out of my misery and take her out , I had to house train her , lead train her and groom her every day .
Yes , I had to commit totally to her welfare but she gave so much back . Dogs love unconditionally . They couldnt give a fig if your hair is falling out  or you look ghastly from the medication , you are their world .
Tiffany became my constant companion , my shadow and soulmate . She taught me to love the world again , to regain my confidence and return to the  'real me ' .  When I recovered from my illness she introduced me to  the world of   'Dog Showing ' , which became a passion and also the inspiration for a long career in Dog Grooming .
I have had many wonderful canine companions since and they each have a place in my heart . But I will always have a special place for a very special little life saver  . Thank you , Tiffany


I really hope you find your  'perfect ' dog . I suspect many of you already have . I would love to hear about them . We can also ensure that thousands of abandoned dogs find their  'perfect ' owners . Help Pedigree achieve this by clicking on Ripleys lead and taking her for a walk .


  1. Such an honest, heart-felt blog. Thank you. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  2. I just want to echo Lucy's comment, Rosie, and add that your blog is beautiful.

  3. Wonderful blog post again, made me think about Greyfriars Bobby and the unconditional loyalty they have. Thanks again xx

  4. I've got a lump in my throat. Wonderfully written straight from the heart - beautiful.

    Helen xx

  5. I just love reading about your dogs, even though a tear seems to escape or i have to gulp quite alot, absolutely wonderful :) xx