Thursday, 6 October 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful ..... Part 4

Most of you who read my Blog  will be aware that I am on  Twitter . I hesitantly joined the Social Media  merry-go-round on  Christmas Day  last year. Dipping my toes into the ether and wondering what I would find .
Well, dear reader, I found a fabulously eclectic mix of people , a kaleidoscope of talent and one or two people who have become real friends .
On any given day I can 'talk' to people in the  USA and Australia , in  Ireland and Malaysia and all over Europe , different time zones and cultures all chatting together .
I have learnt so much too ! I have endless tips on everything from a 'greener' way to clean my oven , to making funky Christmas cards or growing tomatoes and fly-tying !  I have learned about diseases I never knew existed and had the priviledge of 'chatting' with the wonderfully brave and inspiring people who live so cheerfully with these cruel illnesses .
Authors , poets , artists , photographers and musicians share their worlds with me and enrich  my day.  I follow and am followed by so many talented , friendly, kind and caring people .They are like a big , happy , extended family , there to support me on sad days , offering comfort and virtual hugs . Laughing and sharing jokes through the good times and indulging my silly sense of humour and 'ditzyness'.  And , in turn, I have shared their ups and downs , their bad days , their struggles with bureaucracy or delivery men or missing Rayburns and poorly sheep .  I know a little about their families , their animals and what they had for dinner !
People say to me ,
"Oh , they are not real people , they are not real friends . Why on Earth are you on Twitter ? "
Well , I say to those people ,
" Try it for yourself , you will be amazed . Especially if you stumble upon the lovely folk I follow  !"
So today my main reason to be cheerful is quite simply  Twitter  and my wonderful  Twitter friends  !!

And now for the rest of my  'Glad List ' :

                                                          Poetry ,
                                                          Swirling Autumn leaves ,
                                                          Natural  yogurt ,
                                                          Family ,
                                                          Laughing with friends ,
                                                          Strong black coffee ,
                                                          Touche Eclat  ( Too many late nights )

I hope you all make your own  'Glad List ' and look at it when days are black .   Oh, and take care out there in the  big wide world ,  YOU  may be on someones list  !!                          


  1. know exactly what you mean about twitter, it's like having all your best friends in the same place at the same time ready to help, make you giggle, offer shoulders when you're down - just lovely :)

  2. I get so annoyed when I hear people saying nasty things about Twitter as in get a life etc. I had a couple of strange people, but blocked, gone, and have, like you met so many fabulous people. Learn lots, and my horizons widened xx

  3. Well, you've done it again! You've managed to put into words exactly what I think! Wonderful! :D x x x x x x

  4. Oh, such a lovely and heart-warming post, Rosalie! For myself, I'm delighted and grateful to be on Twitter. The haters, or non-starters, do not know at all what they are missing (if they are lucky enough!).

  5. Well you've described Twitter to a tee! I too think it's great, especially when you feel down as you say. We can all vent our feelings and friends won't chastise us for it. Wonderful! Thanks again.