Thursday, 20 October 2011

PEDIGREE ADOPTION DRIVE ..... 17th - 21st October 2011

                                                                 Happy Endings

Well, maybe I have used the emotional blackmail card a little too much this week , I don't want you to have red eyes every  day !  So today I thought I would share some photos of the happy endings for previously abandoned dogs .Perhaps this will persuade you to think of adopting a dog one day .

Some of you may be thinking , " Oh , a rescue dog is not for me ! It wouldn't fit in to my lifestyle . Oh , it wouldn't mix well with other dogs , it would be too nervous , too traumatised  etc. etc "
I used to help with  Afghan Hound rescue . It can be a heart-breaking task , seeing the frightened , abused dogs with matted coats and sores on their skin . But after a spell of care and attention and weeks of good food , the transformation is amazing . It never ceases to astound  me when I see the trust return , the great capacity for loyalty and the love these poor creatures give to their new owners  .
And so , here are just a few photos of  Afghans I have helped . There are many, many more and they all have their happy endings .








The last photo is of Wellinton , or Welly as he became to be known .  When he first came into rescue he was a worried , frightened boy . Very shy and nervous . He had been kept in a shed , with no window and hardly any human contact for days on end . Not strictly  'abandoned'  in the true sense , but certainly abandoned in every other way , cut off from the world .
My brother , John ,saw him and asked if he could take him and perhaps bring him out of his shell  with help and advice from me .
Well , my brother was , at the time , a real outdoors type and I wondered if Welly could cope with  the  'big outdoors' , the fishing trips and such . But, he didnt only cope , he positively thrived on it and joined  in too !
He accompanied my brother where ever he went . One of Johns hobbies was diving , viewing ancient wreck sites off the  South coast . Of course  Welly could not do that but believe it or not he did join in another aquatic sport ....... wind surfing !!!  He would jump onto the board and sit at Johns feet , leaning at just the right angle when required . They became quite an attraction on the  South coast .  Welly , the wind-surfing Afghan !!

So , why not think of adopting a dog one day ?  Or , if that is totally impossible and you have no intention of ever going wind-surfing  ( haha ) you can still help some unfortunate dog to have his happy ending .
Just click on Ripleys lead and take her for a virtual walk .
This will unlock £1 from Pedigree's total fund of £100,000 .
The money raised will be used to help  Rescue Centres and Animal Shelters all over the UK .
Also , could you please tell all your family and friends about this  Campaign and ask them to join in ?

                                                                Thank you !

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  1. A lovely blog! I think you're marvellous for helping all those dogs! They are all so beautiful and so different, in both character and physical appearance.
    I want Buster!!!!