Monday, 17 October 2011

Countdown Word Challenge Number 6

Another week, another word game . This is the invention of the marvellous Matt Mascarenhas and you can find the rules on his blog  page at  . Basically , the object of the game is to write a story or article using all the winning words from todays Countdown TV programme .
Well , todays words were the usual strange assortment but this is my effort ............

The words are ;


                                                         Aloha Baby .

" Don't get eaten by a cougar !" Were the very last words he said to me .
We had laughed and joked about the question of our holiday . I wanted to go camping in the Rockies and he wanted to go to  Hawaii . But , after the laughing came the shouting ..... the arguments !
That summed up our relationship nowadays , we never could have a rational discussion !  He would frown and scowl and his features became all wizened and I knew that was that . End of story  !!
So I thought  " Sod it ". If we can't agree , I will go my way and he can go to bloody  Hawaii !
I told him my decision , with a few choice phrases for good measure  and then I stuck out my tongue and flounced off ! Childish , I know , but so what , I'd had enough .

I phoned my best friend Lucy and she came over straight away . We were all excited and soon we were darting about , packing our rucksacks and tent . She's an artist , she sculpts with various metals and stuff.  Really talented too , but as shes  'self employed' she can take time off at a minutes notice .
He watched us pack and laughed in a derisory manner . He was grinning and saying how marvellous it would be in the sunshine of  Honolulu and how quiet too , without my incessant chattering . Funny sod ! I don't think he ever thought we would actually go . But , once we had the packing nailed ,  I kissed him goodbye and leapt into  the car . He was still laughing as his last words to me drifted in the air and I accelerated past the houses and  off  Westward into the setting sun .

Well, Lucy and I had a wonderful time and we came back tanned and happy . Him ? Oh yeah , he went to Hawaii ......... thats where the shark got him  !
So , dear readers , why dont you have a go . Its great fun  . I'd love to see  what you come up with .                                                       


  1. Deliciously macabre twist, darling! I'm going camping with you in the Rockies.

  2. Hee, hee, laughed out loud here, brilliant, thanks once again xx