Friday, 7 October 2011

Writers Block

Some of you may be aware that I am attempting to write a novel . Its been years since I flexed my literary muscles and so I am terribly guilty of avoiding the task , telling myself I can't do it , I don't have time , etc. etc. So , I try to write something every day .  Apparently that is the way to train my brain to knuckle down and damn well  DO IT !!  I have been given the task of writing about a certain emotion . I shall not tell you what it is , I will tell you after you have read this short story  . I have also been given a time limit of an hour . This took ten minutes so dont expect  Shakespeare !!!  LOL

                                                         No More Goodbyes

He stood inside the church and the vast coolness of the building made him shiver slightly .  His friend stood beside him and , noticing the shiver , placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder .
Soft light shone through the beautiful stained glass windows , leaving pools of colour on the worn stone floor . The heady scent of roses , violets and lilies-of-the-valley filled the air , overwhelming his senses and making him dizzy . His friend guided him to the nearest pew and they sat.  Soft music filled the air , she had chosen the tune and planned the whole day . She was always organising his life and he knew she had left nothing to chance, nothing he need worry about , all he had to do was be there . Everything would be perfect , that was her way .
People started filling the church , murmuring to each other , looking over at him , nodding and smiling in his direction .
He was almost in a trance , he had  never thought this day would  arrive . After today they would never have to say  " Goodbye "  again.
His mind drifted , filled with memories . It seemed that they were always saying  " Goodbye " .
" Goodbye " , when she had urged him to spread his wings , write his wonderful music , travel the world for inspiration . He had not wanted to go but she had been right to encourage him , set him free . He had become successful  and she revelled in his fame , pushed him into the limelight ,she stayed out of sight .
" Goodbye " , when he went to the premieres and awards events . Where  he was photographed with starlets and celebrities . She had  watched him on TV and glowed with pride , thrilled that his talent was being celebrated . She had always had faith in him and knew he would return whenever he could . Return to her and walk through meadows of wildflowers , past  sparkling streams . Meet in woods carpeted with bluebells , forget about the world .
" Goodbye " when he moved to New York , to join the prestigious orchestra and she was , once again,  left behind . They were victims of their circumstances , living in separate worlds , having to bow to convention . Then every phone call was filled with longing and always ended with that hated word  " Goodbye "
The vicar slowly approached and gently spoke to him . He came out of his reverie , back to reality , back to today  He stood up as the beautiful music soared  and filled the church and he thought he would faint .  He knew she was here .
The coffin was slowly carried to the sacred place in front of the altar . It was covered in the flowers she had loved . Roses , violets and lily-of-the-valley .
This was their final  " Goodbye ".

So, readers , the emotion I was challenged to write about was  " Sadness ".  I hope you are all crying !!!


  1. You captured it perfectly!! I wanted more, I wanted the story of what all had happened, and who it was, was it a lover, was it his mother......

  2. OOh sneaky! There was I, as you anticipated, thinking he was getting married! But instead he's saying a final goodbye to his best friend! Boo hoo! :'( waaaaaaaaaaagh!! #Sadness

  3. Yep!! Note to self..... get the hankies ready BEFORE I start reading your posts. I will need them either way because you could have me crying with sadness or laughter. And I don't mind which as your words are just so wonderful to read. xx

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I think I need a little more practice at the sad stories. I really appreciate the fact that you stop to read my scribbles and take the time to comment.

  5. I could just picture the scene as if i was there! A beautiful story despite the sadness. xx :)

  6. Oh, Rosie, this is just too sad! I was going to say something about it being poetic, but… oh, Rosie. It's beautiful.