Friday, 21 October 2011

PEDIGREE ADOPTION DRIVE ..... 17th - 21st October 2011

                                                                  THANK YOU.

And so we come to the final day of the   PEDIGREE ADOPTION DRIVE . Let us look back and see what we have achieved .  Well, we have raised  £ £27,520  so far  (total at 8am )  so a big  " Thank you ",  you have been marvellous !
I hope I have persuaded you to think about the plight of abandoned dogs and I hope you have enjoyed my tales of the joys of dog ownership , as we have laughed and cried together .
But , I would hate to think that once this special week is over , everything we have learned is quickly forgotten .
Lucy Greenfield on  has provided some very disturbing facts and figures throughout this week . These statistics do not apply  for just one short week . They go on and on , day after day , in an endless stream of horror . Marvellous people work tirelessly to try and reduce the  terrible suffering that man inflicts on all animals , not just our  Canine friends .
So maybe , in the future , you will occasionally think of the  Rescue Centres and  Animal Shelters and , if you can , spare some loose change or even go and adopt a dog .
I realise many of you are not in a position to do either . Life is never easy , everyones circumstances are different  and nothing is ever just  'black and white' . Perhaps then , you could help in other ways . It is just as important to spread the word , pass on everything you have read this week and involve your friends and family .  Oh, and you could walk  Ripley a few more times too !!!

And so , dear readers , I would like to thank you all for visiting this page this week . The response has been overwhelming .  I would also like to thank Pedigree for inviting me to contribute to their  Campaign and to thank them for their wonderful generousity and concern for abandoned dogs .

I leave you with some photos of some of my own dogs and some websites you may find interesting  .

                                                                  Terrible Tarquin

                                                                    Stripey Joe

                                                                Maltese Puppies



Some useful websites :

The Charities ;

The Mayhew Animal Home


Scottish SPCA

HULA Animal Rescue


Manchester and Cheshire Dogs home  

Newcastle Dogs & Cats Home

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  1. Awesome blog Tearose! Well done for remembering to include all those special charities at the end that were involved with this year's campaign! Love the photo's too! Super!