Thursday, 3 November 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful Part 6

It's been a while since I wrote a  'Glad list' .  I have been so busy . Time seems to pass so quickly and I find myself paddling furiously just to keep my place in the stream . As I am generally a happy person  and my glass is always half full , I have been thinking hard about my subject for this blog entry.
Family and close friends are naturally a source of great happiness . They are a constant in an ever changing world and I am infinitely grateful for their love and support . My wonderful grand children bring me great joy and help to keep me young at heart.
I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the country , with endless vistas of rolling hills and wild moorland , where I can walk in glorious solitude ; places that restore my soul .
I live in comfort and have enough food to eat and enough warmth when it is cold . I am blessed with good fortune .
I have wonderful canine companions , who love me unconditionally and give far more than they take .
Fabulous  Twitter pals , always there with a witty comment or a supportive  'virtual' hug .
I have happy memories and few regrets .  I am the most fortunate of women .
But even more important than all the above , I have my health ! I am fit and healthy and   I am well aware of others less fortunate than myself . People who live with illness or disability on a daily basis . I have such admiration for the brave souls who take it all in their stride and cope  with dreadful diseases and sickness and remain so cheerful  . There but for higher intervention  go all of us .
And so , today , my  main reason to be cheerful is the fact that I am healthy and able to enjoy to the full this beautiful  World of ours .

Here is my short list of the other things  that have made me happy recently ;

                                                            Late  Autumn sunshine ,
                                                            Email ,
                                                            Dark nights, 
                                                            BlackBerry messenger ,
                                                            Lucy and Matt ,
                                                            Natural yoghurt ,
                                                            Looking forward to the future .

I hope you are still making your own lists and finding at least one thing to be glad about , however small . We all deserve that !  Have a wonderful day !!


  1. *smiles and joins hands with Lucy*

    Oh, you make me so happy as well, Rosie! And late Autumn sunshine: oh yes! That time just before sunset when the air takes on a reddish hue, with a clear sky and slight breeze is so heavenly.

  2. Aw, lovely blog, and I share in the joy of your ever-continuing good health! *smiles and joins hands with you and Matt*: a little circle of happiness :D xxxxx