Monday, 21 November 2011

Countdown Word Challenge Number 11

The week seems to have flown by and here we are at Monday again . How does that happen ?  So my regular readers  (all three of you !!) will realise that it's time for Matt's Word Game !
Lets have a little look at the words for this week ;


If any of you would like to have a go you can find the rules and words on Matts blog page    . So without further ado here goes ............................


I knew the day was going to go badly,  it would be like pleating  gravy .  Everything I had planned was going to fall apart and  sooner  or later the shit would hit the fan .  This was the biggest , most high profile , event  I  had ever  organised and I knew I had done an amazing  job .
I had finally arranged the seating and  chased  up the specially requested , exotic blooms from the Phillipines . I had made sure that the pearl white , monogrammed balloons had all been  secured , tied , ligated ,whatever you care to call it , to the huge silver arch , beneath which the  bride and groom would stand .  The special , romantic arbour where they would hold hands and make their vows and kiss .
I had  rounded  up the most talented orchestra and given them  the long list of requests ,  the brides favourite tunes  and the special arrangement of the  'first dance'.
I had booked the most fashionable caterers and risked the chefs disapproving stare when I gave him the recipe for the special  malted  dessert , apparently a favourite of the brides  mother !
I had even given the waiting staff a  pointer  or two about etiquette  and made sure that every uniform , from hat to apron to  glove  was perfect .
This  wedding was going to be legendary in its beauty of design and decor ,  its  leafy ,  rose- petal strewn, crystal sparkling ,  fairy- lit ,  pink -cloud  filled  perfection .
So why was I so worried ?  What on earth could possibly  creep  in to spoil such careful  planning , such meticulous arrangements ?  The  bride and her formidable  mother would be here in an hour to inspect the room and give me the praise I so richly deserved .
However , when they arrived , I would be sitting in a soft topped sports car , hurtling towards  Gretna  Green with the groom !!!


  1. God I love your blogs! I'm always sucked in, reading your words, so smoothly laid out and then I come crashing with a jolt to the twist at the end! I never expect the unexpected lol!! brilliant ;) x x x x

  2. Yes! yes! yes! Preposterous! 'pleating gravy'? And your characteristic crazy twist. And I loved the way you explained away LIGATED. Deliciously done, darling.