Monday, 7 November 2011

Countdown Word Challenge Number 9

Well lovely readers , its that time again ! Time for another word game . As you all surely know by now , this is the invention of my friend Matt and you will find all the details on his blog page  .
So , without further ado , lets look at the words ;


The usual mixed bunch but , here goes ;

                                                          A Suitable Case.

I have never been much of a gambler . Well , not for real  money . Oh, the odd game of  'Strip Poker ' at parties  when I was young and reckless and didn't give a damn ,  The occasional flutter on the  Grand National ...... well everyone does that !  Even  Monopoly , with the kids . Hopping round the board as a  'boot' or a  'top-hat ' and getting  roasted everytime  !  But surely that doesn't count ?
Even when we went to  Las Vegas , I spent the days sightseeing . Sniggering at the silly outfits  of the tourists and the fake  'Elvis' at the  Graceland  Wedding  Chapel . Taking helicopter rides over the  Grand  Canyon  or hanging around the pool at the  Bellagio , trying to relax and swatting the midges. And my evenings were spent watching  Tony Bennett or  Billy  Joel  while the others gambled their life savings away at the casinos .

But when  Mr. Murdoch began carrying a large briefcase in to work , the speculation was wild . It was a huge affair too , not one of those slim, hard bodied cases that are all chrome and flash . No, this was a glorious old , well worn , leather one . One of those capacious bags that opens like an accordion , with buckles and straps and  lovely stitching detail . The sort of bag that has such a  wonderful  scent , the same luxurious aroma that fills the air at  Louis Vuitton .
Mr. Murdoch was a curmudgeonly cove , whose default expression was a severe frown and he kept himself to himself  . The sort of chap who frightens small children with his steely gaze , just like the  Child Catcher  in   'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang '.
Office juniors quaked in fear when he did his rounds , tutting and scowling at any file not  'filed' , any untidy desk or vacant chair . Not for him the morning  'water-cooler' moment , or the sneaky  'Twitter' fix on the office computer.
Every morning at exactly 9 am , he would stride in , wearing his old Burberry overcoat , hands in his pockets , looking like a  fusion of  Ebeneezer Scrooge  and  Fagin . Then he'd go straight to his office , like a bee to its hive and start work on his computer .
But , the day he turned up with that huge briefcase , clutching it carefully to his chest,  we all stared in amazement ....... this was something new .
Lucy said he probably had a hoard of coins in it ,stuff he had  looted from some poor widow . We laughed and wondered if that could be true . But surely he wouldn't bring it to work ?
Thats when Matt had the idea of taking bets . He was always the smart one in the office , the IT whizz kid , and he knew every way of making a fast buck , but we always fell for it . Soon we were coming up with all these wild ideas about the contents of  Murdochs case . Its amazing what a group of supposedly intelligent people will do , just to relieve the boredom of office life !
I thought maybe it was his sandwiches but, as Lucy pointed out , he always ate his lunch in the canteen . so that was out .
 The ideas got wilder .Someone suggested  toy soldiers for one of those war games , You know the sort , where you fight ancient battles . But surely Murdoch was too miserable for that ?   What about ladies underwear ?  Perhaps he was a cross-dresser  ?  John said he had suspected that all along and swore he had seen the glimpse of a silken stocking beneath Murdochs tweed trouser leg .
Well this went on for two weeks . Everyday Murdoch would creep furtively in with his bulging briefcase and slip swiftly into his office and then  close the door firmly .. The whole office block was involved in the betting and the person who guessed correctly stood to win a pretty penny and Matt was set to make plenty too .  Even mean old  Pete had a bet . He usually cadges money from me but this time he actually put his hand in his own pocket ........ I wish I'd had a bet on that !!
Anyway , soon everyone had made their wagers and we were wondering how to resolve it , how to find out what was actually in the flipping briefcase. Murdoch never left his room and we had no reason to enter and sneak a peek . Then , suddenly Murdochs door opened just a little and his  head poked round and he called to me
"Rosie , could you spare a moment please ?"
Well, as you can imagine , everyone looked at me and willed me to go . Matt whispered ,
"Try and look in the briefcase , but be careful , it could be anything ! Maybe a bomb ! "
Thats how ridiculous it had become , everyone was so tense .
So, anyway , I sort of smiled ; well it came out as more of a grimace . Then  ,crossing my fingers behind my back , I slipped through the half open door and into Murdochs office .  The leather briefcase was lying on its side on the large , neat desk . It was completely empty . I stepped forward slowly and there on the floor was a heavily pregnant cat , sitting on a fleecy blanket and looking up at me pitifully. Murdoch  glanced at me shyly and muttered ,
" She's just about to have her kittens and I'm really at a loss what to do.  I've been smuggling her into work for the past two weeks , I don't think anyone has noticed . I just didn't want to leave her on her own . You know about animals , would you mind helping ?"
Six kittens later, Murdoch and I were the best of friends .  And  Matt was considerably richer  .

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  1. Are you sure you didn't used to write "Tales of the Unexpected" with Roald Dahl?
    I love your stories, and I particularly love this warm and fuzzy ending! :D