Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Birthday Party.

My birthday falls on  New  Years  Eve  and so I am always guaranteed a party atmosphere the whole day long.  Last year I hosted a  Fancy  Dress  party --- well,  it was more of a  theme night --- the theme being  'Gangsters and Tarts ' !  Not very original,  I know , but nevertheless great fun .
Everyone entered into the spirit of the theme and all the guests turned up looking suitably sleazy in wonderfully  authentic outfits.  In fact I didn't recognize some of my girlfriends,  I think they had put their makeup on with trowels.
There were  'Mafia' bosses and  'strippers' and  'ladies of the night'  in every corner of the room and the music blaring out was seductively sensuous.
It really  was one of the noisiest parties I have ever had and all the movers and groovers on the dance floor sounded like a dozen  earth pounders as they stamped their way through tango after tango.
I had forced my ample bosom into a tiny red satin basque,  teamed it with a  tight black skirt,  split  almost to the waist and was draping myself around a guy in a white  1930s suit and black shirt -- very  ' Robert de Niro' -- funnily enough he was  Italian .  Well we were having the usual playful slap and tickle and attempting a rather steamy Argentinian  Tango when I noticed things were getting rather heated on the other side of the room.   I extricated myself  from   ' De Niro's'  grasp and sashayed over to see what was going on .
One scantily clad lady,  slightly  rounder and more 'blowsy' than any of my usual friends , was propositioning my neighbours husband and my neighbour  was having none of it.
''No-one barters with my bloke ,''  she screamed , '' Take your filthy suggestions back onto the street,  you wh..............''
  Before she could say any more the  gate-crasher,  for that is what she was,   flew at the indignant woman and  what can only be described as a heated  'cat-fight'  broke out.  Soon other women joined in, taking sides and screaming like banshees,  pulling hair and ripping bodices and scratching with their crimson nails.  It was mayhem.

There is very little  more depressing than hearing the chimer ringing   in the  New  Year,  while sitting in a cold police cell.

So,  for those of you who may think my  Countdown Challenges have become a little too  'fluffy',  this was the second storyline. Still following the same Rules and words,  details of which can be found on  Matt's blog page /  . The words included are ;

Noisiest,   Hosted,   Pounders,   Movers,   Chimer,  Trowels,   Draping,   Barters,   Rounder,  Ample,  Long .


  1. Definitely not "fluffy"

    Great post!

  2. No, indeed! No fluff to be seen in this one! Great writing, as per! xxx