Monday, 5 December 2011

Countdown Word Challenge Number 13.

I find it hard to believe that it is a whole week since the last Challenge . You must be so tired of hearing me say that the time is flying , but it is . I must be getting old !!!
Well , you all know the drill by now and so without more ado I will just mention that the rules and words can always be found on Matt's blog page and you can follow Matt on Twitter too, he is @miblodelcarpio .
The words this week are ;


                                                          Beaulah , peel me a peach .

" And so,  Miss  Moronso . Have you enjoyed your first experience of  Pantomime ? ". The journalist tried desperately to gain the ageing film stars attention .  There were  hoards  of people milling around in the  First  Class  Lounge  at  Heathrow and slap bang in the middle of the melee was the flamboyant figure of  Lila  Moronso , sprawled on a chaise longue , stroking the hair of her new pet .
" Well, hello honey , gee it sure is naice ta see ya agin . Beaulah , git this young man a chair  !"
Old  Beaulah looked around and , seeing a spare bar stool , dragged it across the thick carpet  of the lounge  and the journalist perched on the edge .
" So, can you tell  the readers of  'Film World'  exactly what you have been doing ?".
" Why sure , honey !  Ah got me a new pet , as ya can see .  Ain't he just the cutest lil' thing in the world ?"
She held out a tit-bit and her pet  tasted it and then wrinkled his nose .
" Oh, babykins , dontcha like thayt ? Oh, cruel  Momma . Beaulah , peel baby a peach ! Oh, nah honey , where was ah ?  Oh yes , mah baby . Well, there ah was , jest walkin' along  Bond Street  when ah looked in this window and there was this gorgeous thing , being groomed . Ah said,  'Beaulah , ah jest gotta have me one of those !'  He really was the  perkiest   lil' thing ah ever did see .  Much purtier than anything  Marilyn ever had ! And let me tell you , she had every pampered lil' thing you can imagine , from all over the  world too . !"
The journalist sighed and tried another approach,
" So,  Miss  Moronso, did you enjoy your part as an  Ugly  Sister in  ' Cinderella' ? "
Lila  swirled  her many bangles around her wrist  and glanced at her scarlet nail  polish . Then she planted a huge kiss on the top of her  'baby's' head  and sighed ,
" Oh sure honey, it was so much fun , ya know . But it ain't no more than ah deserve .  It's like  Mr de Mille used to say  ' You'll only , kinda , er be  reaping whatever it is ya sow '  or somethin' like thayt .  Ah have given mah life to th' films , it was only right ah should git me a good part in the the-ater !  Beaulah, help me with mah shawl , will ya ?"
The faithful companion rearranged the silken piece of frippery around  Lila's heaving bosom and the journalist , averting  his gaze , tried one more time ,
" So , Miss  Moronso , perhaps you would like to tell us about some more about your new companion ?".
Lila  Moronso  donned a huge smile, leaned forward intimately and breathed ,
" Oh sure honey, ah thought you'd never ask !  Beaulah , go quit your fussin' girl , go sit down . Well, ah jist love him to bits . His previous owner spoilt him at first but then she treated him real bad  and abandoned him . Ah mean , how could ya ?  At first he didn't take to me at all , he jist looked away .  But ah jist  rattled ma jewellery and got the lil' guys attention  and he started to show an interest . Ah took him back to mah hotel and fed him and , oh ya know , pampered him a lil '  and ah soon had him eatin' outa ma hand . It's jist a matter of  trainin'  them right from the start , ya know and now he is besotted with me . Of course , there are some  queer folk , a certain  faction  who will say ah took him from his  Momma way too  young , but ah jist had to have him come back to the  States right now . Mah housekeeper is already hanging fresh drapes  and preparing for his arrival . His room is all ready , a couple of  Picasso  daubs on the wall , ya know , jist to mek him feel welcome !"
Just then an immaculately tailored  , airport aide approached the party ,
" Excuse me  Miss  Moronso , but would you care to board the plane , we will be departing shortly ? "
Lila  Moronso  rose from the chaise longue and , taking the arm of her young , tanned gigolo, she swept out of the room , pausing in the doorway to blow a kiss to the assembled press. The young man accompanying her also turned , winked , smiled and said ,
" I say , Beaulah , do hurry along old girl . I'm simply dying for a glass of   champagne "


  1. Oh yes! yes! yes! Gorgeous to see Miss Moronso (complete with heaving bosom) and Beaulah back again. And I must confess to having seen that gigolo coming a mile away. Little things began to ring so true…

  2. Haha, I am very fond of Lila and dear old, long suffering Beaulah! Hmmm, perhaps I am losing my touch, maybe a change of style is needed, you know me too well.

  3. Aw! Well I hope Miss Moronso and Beaulah will pop up now and again, unchanged, and reassuringly familiar!