Sunday, 11 December 2011

Freewriting Again.

This, perhaps is not the best time to do a freewrite with so many thoughts filling my head, vying for position. The big bullies elbowing the more gentle thoughts , stepping on their toes and pushing them to the ground. Its one of those days when I wish I could be less open and honest, turn back the clock and start the last 24 hrs afresh,. Have you ever wished that you could delete emails after they had been sent, that you could have one of those flashing light things that Tommy Lee Jones has in Men in Black. well i would like one of  those today, you know, it makes other people forget what has just happened and all is returned to normal no more thoughts of aliens , well in the film they were aliens if i am remembering correctly . i dont really know what I am thinking today , and there I go  making a space before a punctuation mark . one of my foibles dear readers and I am very sorry but a freewrite should flow and it breaks my flow if i make  a conscious effort to remember to do the damned punctuation mark before the space . so where was I , come on you lot are no help at all and the thought police will be watching and shaking their heads and frowning . oh yes i remember , turning back the clock and being silly again and ditzy and the only baggage being a cute little Louis Vuitton vanity case . So, to restore my sanity a little I decided to make some christmas cards. Well this proved to be a monumental mistake of epic proportions and i type this covered in glitter with sticky dots in my hair and  more cards and embellishments in the bin than in envelopes . Im sure those of you who papercraft will know the feeling . You are doing fine and the card looks great when you smudge it or get some ink on it and so it is scrapped and try as you might you just never achieve the same effect, so you try something else and the stamping goes well but the colouring looks like a visually challenged 2 yr old wearing boxing gloves has got hold of it and scribbled on it . Then i thought , ah well its christmas and i think i should try some glitter . Well you all know i love a bit of sparkle and too much is never enough ! well it is when you spill it over everything and then your dog runs through it and its everywhere.  All things considered its been a really crappy day and I think I should just hide away and thats one of the reasons Im  thinking of having a twitter break and probably a blogging break and sitting on the naughty step and crying till I cant cry anymore . Yes, I really wish i could turn back the clock . But I cant, can i and so I go on , mostly being silly and ditzy and happy and loving life , just not today.


  1. Sending you a great big **hug**, you sound like you could do with one xxx

  2. Sending a humongouso hug dear lady. Step AWAY from the glitter, Carol-Ann, Step Away! Hope you're not away too long, we're missing you already xxxx