Saturday, 26 November 2011

Freewriting Exercise.( 2 )

Well, I'm having another go at this freewriting lark but goodness only knows what will come out today . Its been a weird sort of day , all drizzly and grey but I have been in an extremely good mood as though nothing can bring me down . this is my usual outlook on life and I must admit it does drive people mad > I can see how it must be annoying to have this Pollyanna   character  whizzing around , all sweetness and light and you are feeling ill or hungover or just plain miserable , but thats how i am and I guess I'm too old to change now . What do I do thats so annoying?  well, I sing , dreadfully out of tune , I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket but I do so love to sing and in my head it sounds absolutely perfect . Of course those around me are all wincing and leaving the room and I am  warbling away like some erstwhile Renata Tebaldi and this is made all the more frustrating due tio the fact that I find it extremely easy to learn lyrics  I usually only have to hear something a couple of times and I know the words , always provided I can hear the words in the first place of course . unfortunately that is not always the case with some of the groups or should I say bands , yes they are called bands nowadays aren't they ? heavens i remembered to insert a question mark , wonders will never cease . Anyway I was talking about singing , oh yes , well I have always found it easy to learn words of songs , poems , dialogue and passages from books  . Passages , that reminds me of Alan Bennett and his Mum or Aunt scooping up some of the burning coals from the fire in the kichen and rushing down the passage to deposit it in the hearth in the best parlour . My gran used to do that , we all had to  stand clear while she did this and the smell of smoke used to linger in the passage for hours afterwards . I wonder what health and safety would make of that nowadays . They would probably have a fit . Oh another annoying thing I do is dancing  . I dance around all the time and  jiggle about to any music , even the music on the tv adverts . I also do silly exercises , this are a particular annoyance to my OH and my daughter as both suffer from back problems while I can stand with straight legs and place the palms of my hands on the floor , they wince when I do that too , in fact it seems to be my mission in life is to make people wince  . Wasn't there a weather girl called Wincey  ? Or have I made that up . And dont even get me started on playing silly games  I do that all the time with my grandkids  . I dont think I want to grow up, all the grownups gets so boring and forget to have fun  and give me those disapproving stares and whisper to each other and askif Ive been drinking and look at the level of the Gin bottle  . haha , well I actually don't drink very much at all , well when I say drink I mean alcohol , why do people always mean alcohol ? I mean you would get blooming well thirsty if you didn't drink something  , water or such . So, I dont drink very much alcohol , I don't need to be drunk to lose my inhibitions . I'm really prattling on tonight and I fear that this may be a bigger load of rubbish than normal and I am so aware that there are certain things that i am deliberately blocking from my thoughts because they might slip down to my fingers and end up on this page . Its very hard to have a sort of  Passport control area in my head . Acceptable thoughts pass straight through the green channel and unacceptable thoughts have to wait in line to be  investigated and  strip searched and have their passport stamped 'entry refused ' .They are the terrorists , they have the potential to self destruct and blow everything apart so they must stay away and not be allowed to appear on this page  . And why do I keep thinking about Goa , perhaps its because I saw it on Tv this morning , that chap who cooks fish was there and he came all the way back to England to cook lobster , stupid man , I would have stayed there and never come home . Oh yes  Rick  Stein , I think thats who I mean . Well Rick Stein you are an idiot .  Perhaps thats why I'm dreaming of Goa , and I think that must be time  . Is it , yes it is .

I tried not to correct my typos and punctuation quite so much this time ,  but it does upset my ''tidy'' mind .


  1. Haha! Je n'ose pas. Vraiment. (Tous vos habitudes gĂȘnantes…) *frĂ©mit de plaisir*

    P.S. Merci, Google Translate.

  2. absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!! so well written, amusing, interesting and FUN!!!! Loved this. how fantastic!