Sunday, 13 November 2011

Freewriting Exercise.

The following will probably be a load of gobbledegook as I am attempting 'freewriting' . you will probably be wise to Google it as that will explain it far better . I am trying to type carefully as I have painted my nails , well not painted them , obviously as that  would be silly . No what I mean is I have put nail varnish on them . I dont usually call it nail varnish I generally call it nail polish but thats silly too . Well what was I thinking about , oh yes I was thinking about nail colours this one is called black cherry chutney . Oh chutney , I used to make a green tomato chutney years ago , that was when I used to do crazy things like pickle peaches and make damson jam and be a proper domesticated housewife. Or at least try as domesticity doesnt really sit well on my shoulders and I always feel as though I am just playing the part like in those old Andy Williams Christmas shows years ago when everyone was smiling and mother would appear with a huge plate of homemade mince pies , not a Mr Kipling box in sight . and if mince pies are so blooming marvellous how come we dont have them the rest of the year . Same goes for the cake too really . all this sounds as though I dont like Christmas , well actually i love it and look forward to it for weeks . I suppose I always hope that this year it will be different and I actually manage to achieve the sort of Christmas portrayed in those Andy Williams shows , with log fires and robins , no not robins as I am afraid of birds , so shall we just have cardboard robins on yule logs , oh and carol singers that sing the whole carol and not just two words and then rattle the letterbox or ring the bell  and stand with hands out waiting for a pound coin . I am really rotten and make them sing at least one verse and the chorus , that deters the buggers . Now where was I , oh yes , the perfect Christmas with no Mother-in-law complaining that the sprouts are too hard and the kids squabbling over the latest video game and grandad getting drunk and insulting the next door neighbours new wooly pully . I never manage to create the scene that is in my mind and every year I promise that next year it will be better . My family moan at me and say I am a perfectionist but Im not , I just like things to be perfect hahaha . And this nail polish will get chipped if Im not careful and oh yes thats what I was talking about  , I like OPI polishes best . They do this really fabulous colour called 'Im not really a waitress' and I was going to put that on but Ive had the damn stuff for 2 years at least now and there is only a little bit left in the bottle and its gone all sort of gloopy and sticky ,  I suppose that I should buy some more or maybe wait and see if some kind soul buys me some for christmas . But we are not going over all that again are we , Surely thats the 10 minutes now and there the fireworks have just started up , I wonder what for this time  . Its past Eid now isnt it . Maybe its someones birthday . I dont like fireworks , they frighten me but I  have blogged about that on my Hallowe'en blog . You know I think I am paying too much attention to punctuation and stuff , I am trying not to correct any typos but I find myself doing it before I even realise Ive done it . I shall have to read some more of Matts freewrites, he is the expert . When I tell him I have started doing this he will probably laugh and say Im mad ! lol  There I go with twitter-speak  , its a wonder I dont say 'hashtag' before I make a statement  . It really takes over your life . I am finding this freewrite strangely liberating , actually thats probably the whole idea and , aha thats 10 minutes now . Shame really !


  1. Love it, feel like I have just been sitting with you, both with a drink and just rambling, as people do...

  2. *smiles proudly* You freewrite beautifully, Rosie. I totally sympathise with your 'paying too much attention to punctuation and stuff' and 'trying not to correct any typos'. It's very hard to let go and be fully free.

    So OPI? It looks like I must make another mental note (and then some)…

    And I love how you make the carol singers sing at least one verse and the chorus. So adorable!

  3. Gorgeous! Lovely, natural and *easy* just like you haha ;) xxxxx