Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Countdown Word Challenge Number 12

This time of year is so busy in the grooming business and I am constantly playing ''catch up'' . However , I am reluctant to forego all my hobbies and I try to keep everything going along as normal , I can collapse in January !!! So, bearing that in mind I have been composing todays  Challenge entry in my head and am now typing it during what I laughingly call my ''lunch break'' . Now thats dedication !!

Todays words are ;


I notice that the laptops spell-check doesn't like  POUNDERS , but what does it know ?


" This part of the market really is the noisiest '', thought  Susie , as she wandered down the  long aisle between the stalls . The  Christmas  lights twinkled  and the festive music blared out of countless  CD players  and all around people hustled and bustled in the chilly December air .
She wasn't really sure how she had ended up in this part of town , it wasn't one of her usual haunts . But her friend  Mimi  had hosted a rather wild party earlier and  Susie hadn't been to one of those before . It was a sort of  Christmas  'get together ' for many of the local residents and  Mimi had guided her through the streets to the venue . Susie had tried not to show her disappointment  , but these trendy warehouses were not her idea of  a party location .  She found it all rather scruffy and dirty and had wrinkled her pretty nose in disgust  and after the food and drink had been served  she told  Mimi she wanted to leave .  It soon became obvious that her friend had no inclination to leave so soon , she was busy gossiping in such a catty way , so Susie had decided to find her own way home .

She walked slowly,  wending her way through  fast-food containers, chunks of discarded quarter-pounders and squashed fizzy-drinks cans . All around her the  movers and  shakers of the  City were rushing about ,almost trampling her in their haste to catch the  tube, bus, taxi, train , whatever , as the  chimer  on the  clock began to strike  6pm .... home time !!!
Susie paused and watched as the stall holder beside her packed up the  trowels and screwdrivers and various other tools and hardware that he had for sale  and loaded them into his van,  draping a tarpaulin over them when he was done.  Soon he would be homeward bound,  home to his family, work finished for the day .

Susie sighed and wished she was home , far away from this confusing place . Away from the rushing feet , the last minute shoppers trying to secure a bargain with frantic  barters and good- natured banter .
The lights began to dazzle her and she sat on a wooden fruit box and sadly surveyed the rotting tomatoes and bruised apples lying under a nearby stall . She felt sick and  wondered if that  sardine pate had been past its  'use -by' date .  She was hopelessly lost , what was she going to do ?
Suddenly she looked up and there was a figure she recognized , a lovely friendly figure , much rounder than anyone else nearby .  Susie was lifted up and pressed into an  ample bosom and she purred contentedly as her owner said ,
'' Oh Susie , what are you doing here ? I 've been looking everywhere for you ,you silly cat . I was so worried when I saw you running off with that naughty  Mimi  from next door , she's no better than an alley cat .  Come on ,lets go home ''

So that is my effort for this week , although now that I have typed it out another storyline has popped into my head . Ah , well , there is always another day .  If you would like to try this challenge  you can find details and rules on Matt's blog page  http://miblodelcarpio.blog.co.uk/  . Do try it , its great fun . Now back to work .

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  1. haha I love this one! so unexpected to find the main character is a pussycat haha