Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Who's Going to Drive Me Home ?

It was bitterly cold on the street corner and I wished I had worn my long black leather boots, they would have been so much cosier and would have spared my blushes far more than these flimsy black stockings and high heels. I walked up and down the pavement and craned my neck to see if the car was still there, sooner or later I would have to approach it, unless someone else came along. Some youths were standing around a glowing brazier, warming their hands and watching me with amused expressions. They leered as I smoothed my tight skirt over my hips and a drunk, sprawled on the nearby  church steps, called out some lewd comment. Hmmm, despite the presence of the dilapidated old church, this was not the holiest of places, but that was the attraction, the reason I was here. The whole area had a sort of wild lawlessness about it. I have always been a pouter, a bit of a  'puller' and usually it was easy to find a  'customer', but tonight it was so cold that most people must be at home, damping down their fires and preparing for bed .
An empty beer can rolled down the gutter and I peered across the street to the parked car, half an hour had passed and it was still there. I knew what the driver was looking for, there was only one reason people cruised this area, parking up until they found a girl, but he hadn't noticed me !  I adjusted my skirt and checked the seams in my stockings and began to walk towards the car.  The dark, tinted windows gave it a menacing air and I was on the point of turning away, but I needed to earn some money, this was why I was here. I walked to the drivers door and tapped on the window and as it slowly opened I handed the startled man a parking ticket !

Ah, dear reader, once again you have been reading a piece of fiction, this weeks entry for the  Countdown word game. This week the words to be included are;
            blushes, gutter, cosier, damping, sooner, puller, amused, craned, pouter, point,holiest
If you would like to try, please do, the more the merrier ! The words and rules of the game can be found on Matts blog page at   .


  1. OOh you're too clever for words! How DO you DO it? That twist in the tale! "Tales of the Unexpected" had nothing on you!!

    1. Ah, dear Lucy, you are too kind. You know me, I love the unexpected !! lol x

  2. I love reading your stories, they brighten my day! I have had to nominate you back for the Liebster Blog Award,