Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It's Not Unusual .

A few years ago, back in the dark ages , my  Mother and I decided to take a trip together. To just go where ever we fancied for a couple of weeks and recharge our batteries without the usual everyday duties and family ties. We rejected the idea of cruises or beach holidays and decided to go to the land of my  Mother's birth ..........Wales  !! I had never seen much of that glorious country, bar glimpes from car windows on occasional trips to visit an aged  Aunt and it had been many years since my  Mother had been back to her homeland and so, for two weeks, we toured the hills and valleys, taking in the sights and reaping the benefits of the wonderful  Welsh hospitality. We toured the whole country from border to coast , from  Wrexham in the  North to  Swansea in the  South and loved every minute and every mile.
My  Mother was born in  Cardiff, in  Llandaff  to be precise, and I think she sometimes models herself on  Shirley Bassey , in the singing department ! So, when we saw a poster advertising a  Talent  Contest in a  Miners  Club in that fair city, my  Mother could barely contain her excitement and went into a sort of trance, dreaming of fame and fortune.
We went back to our  Hotel and bathed and then styled our hair, applied our makeup and , dressed in our most glamourous outfits, we set off into the night.
The  Club was hardly the swanky venue we had expected. In fact it was a rather scruffy, smoke filled room with beer stained tables and a rough, foul-mouthed, clientele, drinking pints and heckling a poor girl who was up on the stage doing her best to warble a song and failing miserably.
But my  Mother is an indomitable woman and so, like a ship in full sail, she elbowed her way to the bar.  Once there a leering barman, who obviously fancied himself as some sort of super cocktail maker, shimmied his way over and smarmily handed her two  Blue  Lagoons. After her fortifying refreshment  Mother dear stepped onto the stage and was in the middle of treating us to a rather restrained rendition of   ' Kiss me, Honey, Honey, kiss me '  when the entrance door swung open and in from the rainswept street strode a huge figure of a man. I suppose he was attractive in a rough, obvious way and had a certain animal magnetism as women were flinging themselves at him, kissing his smooth shaved chin, screaming in excitement and hanging onto his muscled arms. Even the men were shaking his hand and offering him drinks.
I watched coolly from the bar as he glanced at me and then at the flamboyant figure of my  Mother, still doing her rather stilted performance. In a couple of leaps he was up on stage with her and, moving his body in the randiest, most suggestive of ways, he joined in.  Well,  Mother positively glowed and really loosened up, in fact I had to avert my eyes a couple of times as the pair of them launched into a raunchy performance of a medley of songs that had the audience whooping and cheering wildly ! I think I even saw some  panties  being thrown onto the stage  and women were swooning and men were clapping and my  Mother and her partner were really giving it their all !
Needless to say, they won the  Contest by a huge margin and the large silver cup was generously given to my  Mother by her talented singing partner. We enjoyed a couple of celebratory drinks with the  Welshman, who introduced himself as  Tom and then he had to leave as he apparently had a  'gig' in another town the very next day.
We often wondered what became of him.

Well dear readers, I'm afraid I have been pulling the wool over your eyes and you have once again been reading an entry for the Countdown Word Game, this week using the words;

Cruises,  Shaved,   Maker,  Treating,  Models,  Miners,  Trance,  Night,  Reaping,  Toured,  Randiest.

This game was invented by my dear friend  Matt  Mascarenhas and the rules and words can be found on his blogpage at   do please join in, the more the merrier !

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  1. I love this story! I was there! Throwing my knickers at Him when they sang "Sex Bomb" together! ;)