Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Countdown Word Challenge Number 3

Well its time for this weeks Word Game , invented by the marvellous Matt Mascarenhas , you can find details on   http://miblodelcarpio.blog.co.uk/ so do please try it , it is great fun .

This week the words are ;


                                                                   Foiled Again !

Rosie walked barefoot along the beach . The surf foamed around her ankles and her toes sunk into the wet sand . A few yards in front of her, a little girl played with her dog , wading into the sea , the water swirling round her legs , making her dress and panties wet , while the dog swam ahead to retrieve the bright red frisbee the child had thrown .   Sounds of the childish laughter and the barking dog floated on the soft breeze  that lifted Rosies long dark hair and pulled at the skirt of her long , cotton dress .

She walked on past the Summer visitors , lounging in their deck chairs . Past the children , dipping their little nets into the rock pools . Past the headland , away from the pretty curve of the little cove and off towards the base of the jagged cliffs that protruded out into the glimmering , turquoise sea . She sat on a huge boulder ; she was almost in a trance . So deep in thought and worry that at first the sight of a poor , dead seagull impaled on a sharp jagged rock ,didnt register in her brain .  Then she shook herself and gazed down at the lifeless body .
" Poor thing ", she thought , " It was helpless , just like me  ".
And  , indeed , Rosie was helpless  !  Helpless against  the power of Nigel Darnell and his money and wickedness . How could she save her Grandma 's cottage , the cottage she had lived in for the last 3 months  since her parents had died  in a tragic car crash . 

The whitewashed , stone built , little house nestled in a pretty garden , up on the cliffs and Rosie had come to  this idyllic spot every Summer as a child . The days were always sunnier , it seemed and dear Grandma so warm and welcoming .  But things had changed , now poor Grandma was going senile and afraid to leave the house . The cottage was so much messier and she had begun hoarding strange things ........ newspapers , bits of string , jam jar lids !  Rosie knew she had to save the cottage so that Grandma could spend the rest of her days in a place she knew . But how ?  The cottage had a new owner since old Jim , the local landowner had passed away . Nigel Darnell now owned all the land round here and he was demanding immediate payment of the lease . Where would Rosie get  £5000 ?

The evil Darnell had visited recently , he was  not the godliest of men and he had left his stooges to loiter outside while he propositioned the terrified girl .
" You're a beauty and no mistake " he had leered , licking his lips lascivously at Rosies face and figure .
" Come and work in my night-club and we'll say no more about the money " , he breathed .
Rosie recoiled in horror . She had seen the sort of girls that worked in that club and had seen the sort of men that frequented it too . She knew it was a cover for something much more sinister . She knew what she would be expected to do . Darnell lifted her chin with one of his boney fingers , grinned and told her he would give her a week to think it over . Then he would be back for either her approval or the money . And no money meant eviction .

Sighing , she rose from the boulder and walked further along the base of the cliff , treading carefully as pieces of rock often broke away and came crashing to the ground .  There had been a storm the day before and she could see evidence of new erosion . Obviously some large pieces of rock had been pulled out to sea by the raging waves .  Then , out of the corner of her eye , she noticed a small cave entrance . She had never seen this cave before . Carefully she climbed over the rocks and cautiously entered the cavern .  Soft light filtered through and shimmered and reflected on the walls and a small pool glittered at her feet . Rosie looked down and the pool glittered even more . Bending down she carefully put her hands into the cool water and stretched her slim fingers out to reach the shining objects below.

A week later  Nigel Darnell pulled up in his large , shiny car and walked confidently up the garden path towards the cottage door .  A smiling Rosie greeted him and Nigel stared at  the beautiful girl that would soon be his . He was sure she would sacrifice herself to save her Grandma's home .
" Come in " Rosie said  and then , as  Darnell entered , already anticipating his prize , she pointed to the dining table and the huge pile of  Spanish doubloons spread in all their gleaming splendour .


Well, thats my attempt !  But I'm sure that you could do much better . Please do give it a go .

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  1. Oh, such a lovely lovely story, Rosalie! You took those weird and twisted words and marvellously made something beautiful of them. Very funny touch, having Nigel Darnell there! Made me smile when I saw his name pop up.