Sunday, 25 September 2011


A dear Twitter pal  Cheryl  ..... @turtlemoongurl on  Twitter ..... had a sort of  "straw poll"  last week . She was asking her  Twitter followers about their dreams for an essay she was writing .  This started me thinking about my own dreams .  Not my  'aspirations' but  the nocturnal visions that enter my brain when I am asleep.

I dream in colour and , if I remember correctly , some of  Cheryls  Twitter pals dream in black and white . I have no idea which format is the  'norm' , or even if there is such a thing as  'normal' in the dream world , but my world is colourful and mostly happy ; but always very strange !

I can often remember my dreams very clearly and sometimes they appear to be so real that I think they have actually happened .  After one of these vivid dreams I spend the following day in a sort of  'aura' of belief and feel disorientated and muzzy-headed as though I am still dreaming .  Just last night I dreamt that I was in Selfridges  in the Trafford Centre ! Now this is not a store in which I can usually afford to even draw breath , but there I was trying on and actually purchasing , two glorious flowing , floaty , sparkling evening dresses . The sort of dresses that girly-girls sigh for . Goodness knows where I was going to wear these expensive gowns ! Assisting me in my purchases were three very helpful fashion advisors ........ My husband , Colin Firth and  'Inspector Frost ' !!!   I know , I know , CRAZY !!  .....and why  'Inspector Frost '  ???  But this dream was so vivid that I still half believe it happened as I write this  !

I often have these realistic dreams but at other times I am actually aware that I am dreaming . I say to whoever else is in my 'vision'  ,   " Its OK , this is only a dream " .  I find that very strange , do you ?  Then there are the times when I get so frustrated because I cant quite remember a dream ,  but I know its  'there'  just slightly out of reach , like a balloon floating slowly skyward and I just cant reach it . For a moment it seems to hover , inches from my fingertips  and I know that if only I can touch the balloon it would burst and all the  'dream memories' would float down towards me  so I try and try , reaching up on tiptoes , but it floats higher and drifts away and is lost .

Some dreams are slightly recurrent and others have locations that I seem to know and revisit in many different dreams . However , I have no idea where these places are  'in real life' . They seem very familiar to me , as though they are stamped in my memory . Are they half remembered imaginings from books Ive read or films Ive seen  ? I've searched my memory and can find no answer , but when Im in the middle of such a dream I know what is going to happen next, like some TV  rerun of a favourite show . I suppose these dreams could be my security blanket , reassurance after a stressful day .

I do not have nightmares , although I have had some , years ago  . In  Cheryls  'poll' many people reported having nightmares and some were recurring , That must be very distressing and disturbing and my heart goes out to the sufferers as they must be almost afraid to go to sleep  I am very lucky as my dreams may be puzzling but they are mostly happy , amusing and quite often entertaining   There is so much more to write about this fascinating and complex subject and I would like to think I have maybe inspired some of you to think about your dreams and possibly share your experiences .

Meanwhile , I must go , I have a pressing date with  Colin Firth and  David Jason and two  yellow  Selfridges carrier bags ............ if only I could find them !!!!!


  1. woooo what a fantastic post about Dreams :) Im rather liking the idea of Selfridges, though I think my shopping helpers would be Gok Wan (to save me from myself) Kate Middleton (she always looks nice) and my friend Kelly (she just oooozes coolness) Its interesting to note that you can lucid dream (knowing when you are dreaming, that its a dream) Ive never done that!!! I sometimes wonder if these other dreams where we feel as though we know where we are, could be past lives. You never know :) lovely blog post!!!! :)

  2. OMG Rosalie! You are my double! This is without doubt your best blog yet! I want MORE!! I have the exact same experience of dreaming about the same places, sometimes a huge, grand house, sometimes a ruin of a church in a woods, always SO familiar! Then I have my way too realistic dreams where I give @stephenfry a blowjob and *do things* to @sueperkins!! it makes you look at people with new eyes the next morning!!!!!!!

  3. I love this blog post on dreams. Mine are also in colour, extremely realistic and entertaining. I do think there is something in the meaning of dreams.
    As a teenager, I frequently dreamed of two beautiful white horses following me down a cobbled street, heads held high, hoofs clattering on the stones. I would hurry along, long ponytail swishing behind me, looking over my shoulder in slight nervous excitement, as they proudly high stepped behind me. Later I read in my Interpretation of Dreams that horses represent unconscious sexual desire. I still get a little thrill when I remember the exact details of my recurring dream.