Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Countdown Word Challenge

 This is not one of my normal blog posts . This is my attempt at the Countdown Word Challenge started by @miblodelcarpio . The object of the game is to write a story or article and include all the words from the days Countdown TV programme  at least once . This is my story using all the following words :

            Panties ; Hanged ; Sounds ; mouse ; pleating ; wearing ; love ; quotes ; looter ; borders .

 Tom looked out of his kitchen window and sighed . He gazed over his herbaceous borders into next doors garden . There was his 15yr old son , Josh , leaning up against his bicycle , laughing and joking with the neighbour and his son . Since the new neighbours had moved in 3 months ago , Josh had become best friends with the boy, Tyson and hero worshipped Tysons father , Wayne . Tom sighed again and went out of the back door to put the rubbish in the dustbin ,
 " Hey there mate , hows it hanging ?  "  Wayne shouted , " Still preaching peace and love , are ya ? "   and  Josh and Tyson laughed and jeered . Tom smiled a weary smile and went indoors again .He felt he was losing his son as Josh had turned from a kind , thoughtful boy into a carbon copy of Wayne  ........ a rough, tough , macho , rascist , homophobic bully . Josh was always coming out with the latest bigotted quotes from Wayne and Tyson . What was the latest comment ? .... Oh yes ,  " A looter should be hanged  ! " Charming  !  Tom wondered where he had gone wrong .  His job as a Social Worker  meant that he came into contact with many different religions , backgrounds , nationalities and  " persuasions " and he believed that everyone should be treated with respect .  He and his late wife had tried to instill the same values in Josh and the youngster had known nothing but love and comfort . Why on earth was Josh hero worshipping that monster next door , who delighted in telling tales of his exploits in his job as a security guard at the local Mall  ?  These tales always involved some sort of violence  and rascist comments . Tales of beating up anyone who didnt conform .  Persecution  of anyone that was different .   There and then Tom resolved to have it out with Josh , before it was too late .

 That evening when Josh came home for his tea , Tom began his lecture . How Wayne was a bad influence , how Waynes ideas were wrong  and why he didnt want Josh to hang around next door anymore . Josh reacted furiously ,
 " You are trying to ruin my life " he yelled , " I will do what I want ! Wayne is great , hes  not a hypocrite like you  ! He practises what he preaches , hes tough and wont take shit from anyone !  I want to be just like him  ! You say we should be tolerant  but  then you say I shouldnt go round there  ! You are just a bloody hypocrite !! "   Then he stamped out of the room , slamming the door behind him .

 The rest of the evening was spent in uneasy silence . Tom read the newspaper in the sitting room while Josh stayed up in his bedroom , sulking as only a 15yr old can . They stayed this way till bedtime .  They had both been asleep for hours when Tom woke to the sounds of scratching and scrabbling in the hall downstairs  , " Bloody cat " he thought and pulled the duvet round his shoulders . Then there was a crash and he knew it was the crystal vase on the hall table .  Leaping out of bed , he met Josh on the landing ,  " Tiddles has a mouse " , Josh said  and at that Tiddles pounced on his prey .  The two ran downstairs but it was too   late for the poor mouse , who lay lifeless on the hall carpet .  They both began to pick up the broken glass and Josh fetched a dustpan and brush .

 They were both wide awake by now , on their hands and knees in the hallway . Tom stood up and said  " How about you put all this in the dustbin and I'll put the kettle on ? "    He wandered into the kitchen  , the clock said 2am and it was black outside except for the glow of light from nextdoors kichen window and back door . Josh came through  with the glass and the dead mouse , all wrapped in newspaper and shoved into a carrier bag and opened the backdoor to go to the dustbin . Tom peered , absentmindedly out of the kitchen window as he filled the kettle  ............ And so it was that they were both greeted by the sight of Wayne , standing by his open back door , smoking a cigarette in a long tortoiseshell holder , wearing fishnet stockings , red lacey panties and silk camisole with lace pleating round the neckline .

                   Josh just stood and stared but Tom walked into the living room , smiling .

If any of you would like to try the challenge for yourself please visit     http://miblodelcarpio.blog.co.uk/     I hope you try it , its great fun


  1. Hahahahaha thats hilarious hun!! Well done

    Amanda xx

  2. Hahaha! Quite a serious and heartfelt piece until the preposterous ending. You're the Mistress of Punchlines, Rosalie!

    Incidentally, folks, without wanting to hijack tearose68's blog, you can find the game on my own blog. Have a go! The more the merrier.

  3. Well there you go, I never know what to expect with you missus!

  4. thats great! i wouldnt have been able to that you have such a way with words and a fantastic imagination you should write a book like tabicta :) x