Friday, 9 September 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part Two

 This week has been damp in my part of the world . In the early mornings mist has clung to the Pennines and slipped slowly down the slopes into the towns and villages . It has taken hours for the sun to burn it back . The trees have dripped with rain and collars have been turned up against the droplets from the branches , still dripping long after the rain has stopped . Saturated ground has squelched under the feet of early morning dog-walkers and the dogs themselves have come home , wet up to their stomachs from the soggy grass .
 Children have returned to school after the long Summer break . Trudging through the golden leaves that have already begun to fall from the trees that line their route . There they go ,shiny faced and eager , in their brand new blazers ...... bought slightly too big so they can  " grow into " them .  Conscious of their new shoes and schoolbags , telling tales of holidays in Majorca or Mablethorpe .

Squirrels race up and down trees in next doors garden , gathering nuts and taunting my dogs and making them bark . Glossy berries drip with dew and russet apples fall to the ground with a soft  " plop " and nestle on the soaked lawn . The air suddenly smells of woodsmoke and that faint , almost indescribable  " peaty " aroma of mushrooms and rotting leaves and dying bedding plants .

 The hands on the Season Clock have slipped off Summer and are slowly turning to Autumn  and my world has turned red and gold .  Autumn :  my favourite time of year !  I love it and always have  !  It has none of the reluctance and newness of Spring , or the brashness and heat of Summer ....... it is quieter and cosier and leads us gently into the crisp cold weather of Winter and the excitement of Christmastime .

 For me it is a reason to be cheerful , something to be glad about . I realise you may not all feel the same so , once again , I invite you all to think of your own reasons to be glad and list them .  Here is my list for today .

                                                            The promise of Autumn in the air .
                                                            Family .
                                                            New notebooks .
                                                            My darling husband .
                                                            Fish and chips .
                                                            YSL Touche Eclat .
                                                            Peanut M&Ms .
                                                            Dark nights .
                                                            BlackBerry Messenger .

               Have a wonderful day !


  1. What a beautiful post!!! you have such a wonderful way with words. You have written how I feel!!! and in such a lovely way. Thank you for this, your post has made me feel happy today!!! XXX

  2. You inspire me to think more of reasons to be glad, from your list I so agree with The promise of Autumn in the air, I am usually too hot, but a nice crisp dry day is sooo good, Fish and chips, an occasional treat, YSL Touche Eclat-I cant imagine life without it!!Peanut M&Ms yummy, and new notebooks, I have several beauties now that I cannot bear to use!! Have a great weekend and don't forget to blog xx

  3. Personally, I must prefer Summer out of all of them because I hate being cold, but I think Autumn is the most English of the seasons.

    Reasons to be cheerful? Music, all my faculties reasonably intact, and, of course, BDSM…