Friday, 2 September 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful

           This blog has begun to take on a life of its own, just as I thought it would.  I am well known for being a chatterbox. It was the only thing I was ever reprimanded for at School...................well, that and a complete disinterest in Sports of any kind !  I couldnt give a fig who had the ball or which person could run , jump or swim, faster, higher or further than the next person !  But talking; communicating ;  that was important to me .
         My long-suffering Husband reckons that I would be brilliant on the radio programme " Just a Minute " as his ears are sometimes like a " pound of mince " with my incessant chatter and he says I go from A to B by way of all the other letters of the alphabet. A real " butterfly " mind !  However, this has proved invaluable ( I think !) on our frequent long car journeys, as no one sleeps at the wheel when I am a passenger ! Haha !  I also seem to have an amazing capacity for remembering the most trivial bits of information and so always manage to have some little useless fact to trot out as we pass various landmarks . I should imagine I am really annoying and probably need a sharp slap !                                             

          Anyway, I digress , as usual .! I started off today talking about my Blog , which, incidently I am enjoying enormously  ( thank you for the encouragement @LucyMGreenfield ! ) . I never know from day to day just what will end up " on the page" so to speak . It may be autobiographical , or anecdotal. I may have some grumble or observation on current events . Today my mind is in " Pollyanna " mode so Im beginning an occasional series which I shall call " Things To Be Glad About "  and here is todays short list ;   
                                             Family .        
                                             Looking forward to the Weekend .
                                             Fresh coffee .         
                                             Crisp clean cotton sheets  . 
.                                            Changing Seasons .         
                                             Wagging tails .          
                                             The last roses  of Summer           
                                             Lucy Greenfield .                                 
              I hope this will inspire you all to make your own list from time to time . However bad the day we all have things to be glad about !