Monday, 19 September 2011

Countdown Word Challenge .........Number 2

    Well , here I am again having a go at @miblodelcarpio s word challenge 
            This week the words are ;

                staged , shorten , twine , cases , rankle , deaden , singers , coaxes , trained .
    They all have to be included at least once in the story or article .

It was that time of year again , as the days  began to shorten and the air  began to chill , excitement flew round the little town. It would soon be Pantomime time and casting for this years production was taking place in the theatre today ! This year the producer/director , Jason Androv , had decided it would be completely different .... something completely new . Young aspiring actors and actresses sat around on packing cases in the long hallway outside the rehearsal room and discussed the new show .    " Do you think it will be  " Babes in the Wood " ? They havent done that for years " Lucy said , to no-one in particular .
" Oh no , I've heard its to be  something  REALLY  unusual " said a cute little curly haired red-head , who was practising her tap steps on the scuffed wooden floor .  " Hey " , someone further down the hall shouted  , " Deaden that clatter a bit will you ?  Im trying to learn my  audition song here " The red haired girl sat down and pouted . It did rankle a little , all these trained singers  " la la la-ing " . All she wanted was a part in the chorus !

Lucy was now chattering to a tall blonde girl , who was telling her all about the director .  " Oh yes,  Jason is marvellous , no-one coaxes a performance out of you better than Mr. Androv !! I have been in every  panto he  has staged , " Alladin " ;  " Cinderella " ; " Dick Whittington " . Oh yes , I expect I will get the leading role "
" Oh , please God ,let me get a part . Let me be an actress at last " Lucy prayed silently , as she nervously twisted a piece of twine round her fingers .Then ,suddenly , the door of the rehearsal room was flung open and there stood the flamboyant figure of  Jason  Androv .  " Come in . come in !" he yelled  " what are you all doing huddled out here ? "   In they trooped and arranged themselves around the room , glancing at each other , eyeing up the competition .   " Now then ,  'enfants' ",  Jason began , " The pantomime is soooooo over , soooooo last decade . This Christmas we are doing something completely different  ! "

" Oh , a play ? " whispered someone ,  " Or a Musical ? " , voiced another .

Just then a dark-haired girl came out from  behind a screen in the corner of the room .  She was scantily clad in a bright red basque , timmed with black lace  , red fishnet stocings and very  high heels . Her heavily made-up eyes smouldered at the group as she walked  slowly over to a beaming  Jason .
" No sweeties , "  he smiled  , " This year we are doing  Burlesque  , striptease ! So, come on , who's first "


If you want to try the word challenge , details and rules can be found on     Do give it a try , its great fun !!


  1. Oh, god! More lace trimming and fishnet stockings! Rosalie, you are unstoppable.

  2. wow I dont know how you managed that!! I looked at the list and I couldnt beleive you could make a story with those words!!!