Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dreams 3

I'm off in the dream-world again, dear reader; exploring the strange places that I visit in my sleeping hours.
Just recently I have been having a sort of  'series' of dreams, or maybe I should say a  'serial'. Each dream seems to be linked, to follow on from the previous night's dream, with a little  're-cap' at the beginning - rather like the dream world's equivalent of some weekly TV serial but on a nightly basis;    deja-vu, but not quite deja-vu !
Much is made of location, which always seems to involve some sort of searching. I always have the same main companion but the minor characters are often different and can be either people from the past or from the present. We, ( myself and my companion ) are looking for a particular house and are helped or hampered by the  'extras' in the drama ! We have tasks to do, that we almost always complete, but there is always  'just one more' , like some  'Columbo'  episode and there is always danger, a feeling of apprehension and often real fear and I wake up shaking, my heart beating fast and blood pumping through my veins and then I fall asleep again. I also seem to be completely obsessed with my appearance and have dozens of outfit changes and various hairstyles, some long some short, for the duration of the dream.
But there is something else , something that makes me very uneasy and this is really the reason for this article.
I believe that there is something that I must remember, something important that my mind is telling me while I am asleep, something my dream reveals. However, when I am awake it is so far in the back of my mind that I just cannot remember. There is no hint, no whisper of a memory , not even a shadow but I somehow know I need to remember and so I fight and fight with myself in an effort to recall this message or whatever it is , but it disperses like smoke in a breeze and it is gone. It hovers, just out of reach at the edge of my mind and I mentally reach out for it, try to bring it closer but it flutters away and taunts me and my head aches with the effort. I can never retrieve it.
So, dear reader, do you think that I am destined to keep having these  'linked' dreams until I finally manage to 'get' the message and understand it's meaning ?  Will I possibly be able to work it out for myself ? Am I going even madder than usual, or is my brain really trying to tell me something ? If so, I wonder what the hell it is !!!


  1. Wow that is interesting, I seem to know a lot of people having 'strange' dreams at the moment, including myself. I have been in different homes, all mine, and all with problems. This morning I was dreaming I had a female sharing, and I didn;t like her, then went to sit at my dressing table, heard voices and found I had no glass in the window, the voices were men putting new glass in and complaining they were having to come every week to put a new window in, so I just closed the curtains... It wasn't my 'real' bedroom....but I wake all confused and unhappy......

    1. Oh goodness, your dream is interesting too. Maybe its the time of year that is affecting us, maybe we are all restless and looking for change. All very weird.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, Jackie. Xx

  2. Oh what a lovely blog tearose I have strange dreams sometimes and I mean WEIRD Xx

  3. Oh dear, we must all be going slightly mad !! Hope your dreams are not scary too. xx

  4. OOOOh! I'm *sure* that this is your subconscious desperately trying to tell you something. I doubt if it's a memory though, because i fail to see how anything that's in the past can be all that important per se, unless perhaps there's a message to be learned from some past experience/decision? I think that it is a warning of some kind, and I know you will figure out what it means and do what is in your own best interest!! Sorry if I sound all weird and witchy!! x x x x x x x