Tuesday, 14 February 2012

An Apology

Isn't it funny how the time of day can affect how you feel about problems and life in general ? At least, that's how it is for me.
I suffer from insomnia and often lie awake, waiting for sleep to drift by, my mind whirring and thoughts rushing through my head.
It is in these wakeful hours that I solve all my problems !  I think things through and suddenly have all the answers, even  World peace seems so easy to achieve ! I guess it must be due to overwhelming tiredness, though, because with the morning light comes sanity and my problems loom large and menacing once again. My solutions have either faded with the night or are deemed to be so ridiculous that they are discarded and I wonder why I ever thought they could possibly work.

 This preamble is a round about way of saying that sometimes life catches up with me and I have to deal with it and so please forgive my tardiness in reading and commenting on your wonderful blog posts, I will get there eventually. Take care and keep blogging.


  1. I keep thinking if I keep a notepad beside the bed, I would be able to write down my great ideas I dream of during the night. I have yet to do this, since I am pretty sure my handwriting would be a mess.

  2. Oh Catherine. That is so true. I do keep a pencil and notebook beside my bed but am always so sure I will remember these 'wonderful' ideas ......and my eyes are too blurry. Lol