Friday, 13 July 2012


Today sees the start of the annual Skidby Scarecrow Festival .... which takes place from Friday 13th July to Sunday 15th July.

Now in it's 3rd year, this was the brainchild of Kelvin Young; the Secretary of the Skidby Village Hall Committee. Kelvin has friends in the village of Wetwang and knew of their very successful, annual Scarecrow event, which has been held for many years. He thought that Skidby had equally talented and enthusiastic residents and so the seeds of the Festival were sown.

Starting in a small way, it now encompasses the whole village and, this year there are over 100 amazing Scarecrows on display ! 62 entries are actually registered and appear on a map, in the Festival Programme, but many more pop up, overnight, and add to the fun.

Walking round this beautiful, picturesque, East Yorkshire village, I was astounded by the ingenuity and creativity, of the entries. From 'Spiderman' capturing a 'felon' in his web, to 'Peppa Pig' off to the Olympic Games and 'Grandad' with his trousers round his knees, in his 'out-house'; the Festival caters for all ages and also includes environmental 'messages', such as the tableau highlighting the need for clean water in Third World countries.

Much time and effort must have gone into the creation of these wonderful Scarecrows, not to mention the weeks, if not months, of planning. Even the ones that have, supposedly, been 'made overnight' are brilliantly executed.

There are five categories:

  1. Traditional Scarecrows
  2. Celebrity Scarecrows
  3. Unique Scarecrows
  4. Scarecrows made by a Group
  5. Scarecrows made by a Business/Trade
and a winner is chosen, in each category, by two designated judges.

However, the general public have the final say, as they have voting slips and can choose their favourite of all the entries and pop their choice into a Ballot Box. I know which one I shall vote for ..... but it's a secret !!

The Festival has become quite an attraction in the area and the three day event now has a Falconry Display on the Church Green, on Saturday. Dancing Demonstrations on both days; and on Sunday, incorporates a Car Boot Sale and a performance by the Beverly Brass Band. Tombola and sweet stalls, refreshments and souvenirs, are available in the Village Hall. This is manned by the tireless ladies of the Committee and other village residents, who have kindly given up their time to make this event such a success.

And the object of all this activity ?

Well, apart from a desire to unite the residents of the village and promote community spirit, it is the main fundraising event for Skidby Village Hall ! This Hall was originally a very small building, but in the early 1920s it became obvious that it was not adequate for the needs of the growing village. Land was kindly given to the General Management Committee and, after years of fundraising, the building was completed in 1928. Nowadays, the present Management Committee work throughout the year to maintain the Hall. As it receives no funding from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, it relies entirely on fundraising events and bookings to raise income.

I think that a huge CONGRATULATIONS is due to both the Committee and the residents of Skidby, who have worked together and produced such a fun-filled weekend. It is so refreshing to know that such wonderful community spirit still exists and, as a new resident, I look forward to being involved next year.

If you are in the area, please do come along and join in the fun. I have included just a few photographs to whet your appetite, but I shall post some more throughout the weekend.

It just remains for me to thank Mary, Trish and Kelvin for indulging me, answering my silly questions and for being so kind and welcoming.


  1. What a wonderful place Skidby sounds! So impressed with your Scarecrow Festival and what a marvellous idea for a blog! Thank you for sharing all those lovely photos with us and giving us a sense of East Yorkshire life!Brilliant altogether! :D

    1. Aw, thanks Lucy! I love these traditional festivals, they are a wonderful part of rural life.