Friday, 19 August 2011

Its an Egg Spoon !

       I was making some mustard the other day .OH does like his English Mustard !  I have a cute white china mustard pot , with a cute white china lid and an even cuter white china  spoon .At least I did ........a combination of carelessness and .....well...carelessness meant that the wee spoon was dropped onto the tiled kitchen floor and smashed .!So I resorted to rummaging in the "third drawer". This is something Im sure we all have ,a drawer where all the odds and ends of cutlery and rarely used items of kitchen equipment eventually end up. In various homes that I have had the "third drawer" has had many disguises. In my larger, smarter homes it has been a green-baise lined drawer in an elegant sideboard. Then as we down-sized it was housed in a well polished and much loved old Welsh Dresser. Now in my bijou "Granny flat" it is "the third drawer in the kitchen.                                                                                                                                      

        As I rummaged I thought about all the redundant cutlery, stuff we never use anymore in our "fast food , drip dry " world  . There were fish knives and fish forks ,soup ladles and sugar tongs.Trifle spoons and butter curlers and various types of serving spoon and probably even a "runcible" spoon ! Dear OH had ambled in and was observing the scene as I grabbed a small silver spoon and popped it into the  mustard pot. "Ah, youve found a mustard spoon " he said. Not missing a beat I replied, "No hun, its an egg spoon, you know, for eating boiled eggs, but it will do" He gave me a funny look and departed ,shaking his head.                                        

        Now people I just want to know two things ; How the heck did I know what it was and what the heck am I doing with one ?                                                                                                                                   


  1. haha, you do make me LOL. I for one can't wait to read your posts I know we will be in for a

  2. Yes, I can see your posts are going to be very funny, welcome to bloggerland! xx

  3. Yes I'm enjoying them, going to be fun!

  4. Brilliant!!!!!

    excellent post and made me laugh! I have to say that we also have a "third drawer" in the kitchen. Its where all the bits go - bits of this, bits of that :)

    im really enjoying your blog too!